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“The symbolism in this logo is amazing.

Flowers represent optimism and growth, prosperity.

As trans and gender diverse individuals, an association such as PATHSA helps us to grow into our full potential and realise who we are, and with that, cultivates us as individuals-to bloom into persons we are meant to be.

The Strelitzia, (or Bird of Paradise flower), represents success and excellence – showing that as trans and gender diverse individuals we are able to overcome obstacles.

It represents freedom, freedom to be ourselves and identify ourselves in the way we feel fit.

Furthermore, the Strelitzia is indigenous to South Africa and hence representing the unique approach, we wish to take in terms addressing gender-affirming health, which will fit the South African trans and gender diverse individual.

The trans flag colours are represented in the flower petals, blue for masculine, pink for feminine and white for non-binary.

Lastly the helping hands of health professionals to facilitate this transformation and blooming process, shows our commitment to the cause, and that we aim to support and change the lives or trans and gender diverse persons all over South Africa.”

– Dr Jean-Ré Jones, PATHSA board member


PATHSA is an interdisciplinary health professional organisation working to promote the health, wellbeing and self-actualisation of trans and gender diverse people.

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