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WAS 2021 Transgender and Gender Diverse Assembly link

20/09/2021 19:29 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

On the 9th of September 2021, a historical and critically important event was hosted during the World Association for Sexual Health's (WAS) 25th international congress, co-hosted with the Southern African Sexual Health Association (SASHA) and for the first time in its history, hosted in South Africa and on the African continent. A Transgender and Gender Diverse assembly was hosted, comprising 4 themed one-hour sessions, each with a chair and panellists totalling 15 participants. Everyone was Transgender, Gender Diverse or Intersex.

Assembly Session 1: Theme: WAS Statement Concerning Actions to Support Gender Diversity World Wide

Session Chair: Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad (WAS Advisory - Norway)

Panel: Nic Rider (The Institute for Sexual and Gender Health -USA); Savuka Matyila (Genderdynamix – RSA); Avery Everhart (Centre for Applied Transgender Studies USC - USA)  

Assembly Session 2: Theme: Depathologisation - Lived Experiences & Contemporary Challenges

Session Chair: Jabulani (Jabu) Pereira (Iranti – RSA)

Panel: Mauro Grinspan (GATE- Argentina);  Anastacia Tomson (MD/Activist – RSA)

Assembly Session 3: Theme: Pan African Best Practice in Transgender and Gender Diverse Sexual & Reproductive Health

Session Chair: Dzoe Ahmad (Genderdynamix - RSA)

Panel: Barbra Wangare (EATHAN - Kenya); Jholerina Timbo (Wings to Transcend Namibia Trust -Namibia); Anil Padavatan (Genderdynamix –RSA); Sean Reggee (Trans Bantu – Zambia)

Assembly Session 4: Theme: Human Rights – Priorities for Transgender and Gender Diverse Communities

Session Chair: Akani Shimange (Matimba - RSA)

Panel: Yvee Odour (GALCK - Kenya); Oumaima Dermoumi (LGBTQIA+ Advocate & co-initiator of Nassawiyat - Morocco); Taymy Caso (Randi and Fred Ettner Postdoctoral fellow in Transgender Health – USA)

Here the link to the recording of this historical assembly event:



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